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GB: Custom Fit Laser Shades Sunshades for Elantra

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GB: Custom Fit Laser Shades Sunshades for Elantra

Post  ocpi on Fri Sep 26, 2014 1:48 am

Custom Fit Laser Shades on Hyundai Avante

Custom Fit Laser Shades on Honda Civic FD

Laser Shades Custom Fit Sunshade for your car. We are the authorised online reseller for Laser Shades in Singapore. It comes in 5 pieces including rear windscreen.

Laser Shades Singapore employs the latest 3D Laser scanning technology to create a perfectly fitted set of window shades of the highest quality that can be quickly fitted and removed
Since the sunshade fit the profile of the window exactly, they ensure maximum protection from the sun.  The perforated shade material maintains visibility through the glass even in the dark.  The material creates a layer of protection that will block heat and radiation, allowing the car to cool quicker and STAY COOL.

Installation of the product is very simple.  It have high strength magnets embedded in the shade frame to allow quick and easy attachment to the window frame of a vehicle. Thanks to the magnetic installation, the shades are also easily removed.  For windows where metal surfaces are not available, the shades are developed to press-fit into place or to rely on small clips. A high quality storage bag is included in the kit to protect the shades when not in use.

Magnetic installation. No need clips for most cars.

-No modification to car
-Blocks 67.3% of UVB radiation & 66.9% of UVA radiation
-Protection for children and car interior
-Effective heat blocker
-Even children can install it.

Laser Shades is an Australian Brand and is Made In Taiwan. Prices will be slightly higher than other brands as Laser Shades uses magnetic frame so there is no need of clips or installation plus it's 5 pieces not 4.

Why Custom Fit Sunshades than darker solar film or car curtains?
1. You can take out the sunshades at night if it's blocking your view at night. You cannot take out a solar film on the spot.
2. You are able to see the outside from the interior of your car even with sunshades. You are not able to see anything when the car curtain is there.
3. Inexpensive as compare to solar film. You can have both solar film and our sunshades. Rather than getting a super dark solar film and risk getting caught by TP or LTA.
4. Looks much nicer than those ill fitting sunshades u find outside.
5. Car curtain are not customised, so it does not fit exactly as compare to ours. Plus u are not able to see anything outside fr inside your car. Very dangerous!
6. Children or baby in the back seat will not scream as sunlight shine onto their faces as the sunshades are there. Even solar film will not block all the sunlight.
7. Reduce temperature of your car interior under hot sun.

YouTube video of Laser Shades

Youtube video of Laser Shades on Toyota Corolla

Group Buy for Laser Shades for Elantra. Special price of $238 for more than 5 orders.
Please enter your nick here. Full payment needed to proceed. usual price $278. 5 pieces including rear windscreen.



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